Sunday, January 22, 2017

Coming Soon: Reboot Your Body Image Course

In this world full of comparison, perfectionism, and judgement, it is impossible for any of us to grow up unscathed by the evils of society. It hurts. We are told we should look like so-and-so.

Entire magazine articles are written about the model who went to the beach and she had CELLULITE for goodness sake! How could she ever show those thighs in public??? *sigh* What a world this is. 

How do we navigate these muddy waters? How do we protect our daughters from feeling like they are failures because they have cellulite too? We live in a country with an obesity epidemic and we are holding ourselves to the standard of the starving supermodel. 

Something has got to give here, folks. 

How do we not only cope in this world of "lose 10 pounds in 10 days"? And how do we learn to love the body we are in when every news station, magazine, and TV show is telling us that we aren't perfect and we need 10,000 different products to help us get closer to that goal of being the photo-shopped starving model? 

First of all, you have to start from the foundation. If the foundation is shaky then the whole building is unstable. In the Reboot Your Body Image course I teach you how to find the cracks in your beliefs, and start to repair them. We find the source of the self image issues and we work together on correcting them. It is a miraculous process that will open up new perspectives about your body and your entire life. 

We will talk about where these beliefs came from, how to move past them, how to build new beliefs and new habits, and how to really see your body as the gift from God that it is! 

Updates will be posted as the class is prepared. Check back soon! I'll post our Facebook page when it is ready as well! 
Love, Jenifer

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